Dynamic Vision Plan

The Reimagining of a ‘Master Plan’ The Dynamic Vision Plan for Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is the first significant step in strategically planning the Park’s future. Creating this vision will serve as an idealized picture of the possibilities for our park and campground. At the same time, this vision will allow for flexibility in the market as well as changes in tourism, public interest, funding, trends, and technology. This plan will serve to engage the community and stakeholders and empower and motivate employees.

By envisioning the possibilities of the park space as they relate to future expansion, the team worked to redesign sections of the park for added amenities, improved site vehicular and pedestrian circulation, increased site functionality and additional parking. Amenity and event spaces were critical to sustainable growth as they in turn will generate the revenue to financially support future projects and increasing operational needs.

Click on the flipbook below to view the Dynamic Vision Plan.

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Dynamic Vision Plan Video


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