Picnics & Parties

Big parties need a big backyard! You can now book your perfect spot online.

Amenities at Santee Lakes include islands, amphitheater and waterfront gazebos with picturesque settings to match the imaginations of brides-to-be, corporate party planners and birthday celebrators of all ages.

Check out our Approved and Preferred Vendor List to choose the best fit for your upcoming event! Call the Park Office for Reservations at 619-596-3141

See table below for current 2023 pricing. Picnic site rates and fees are subject to change.

AreaMax CapacityLocationMonday-FridaySaturday-Sunday/Holidays
A50Lake 1 Southwest Side$55$110
B50Lake 1 West Side$55$110
C50Lake 1 Northwest Side$65$110
D50Lake 1 Northwest Side$75$125
E50Lake 1 Sprayground$75$175
F50Lake 1 Sprayground$100$200
G100Lake 2 Southeast Side$75$135
H25Lake 2 West Side$55$110
I50Lake 3 Southwest Side$55$100
J25Lake 3 Southwest Side$40$50
K25Lake 3 West Side$55$100
L25Lake 4 Southwest Side$80 $125
M25Lake 4 Southeast Side$55$100
N25Lake 4 East Side Island$55$95
O50Lake 5 Southeast Side$115$170
P25Lake 5 Southeast Side$80$115
Q25Lake 5 Northwest Side$45$85
R80Lake 5 Northwest Side$115$175
S50Lake 5 Northwest Side$65$135
T50Lake 5 Northwest Side$80$125
U200Lake 5 Island$215$300
V25Lake 5 West Side$45$80
W25Lake 5 South$80$115
Additional FeesFull Day Rental
Entire Horseshoe Pit & Horseshoes
(Requires $50 deposit)
One Horseshoe Lane & Horseshoes$25
One Horseshoe Lane & No Horseshoes$15
Volleyball Net & Volleyball
(Requires $50 deposit)
Inflatable Permit
(With reserved picnic area (s))
Amplified Music Permit*$75
Dumpster & Portable Restroom Fees
(With reserved picnic area (s))
North Lake 5 Service Building$300


Covered AreasMax CapacityLocationMonday-FridaySaturday-Sunday/Holidays
Gazebo 1100Lake 1$345$425
Gazebo 250Lake 5 South$100$175
Gazebo 3100Lake 5 North$250$390
A-D &
Gazebo 1
1,000Lake 1 $600$1,080
O-P &
Gazebo 2
250Lake 5 South$475$625
Q-V &
Gazebo 3
1,000Lake 5 North$900$1,400
Clubhouse60 ----$50/hour
(3 hr. minimum)
(3 hr. minimum)
Dining DeckMax CapacityLocationMonday-FridaySaturday-Sunday/Holidays
October-February200Lake 4 North$100/hour
3 hour minimum
3 hour minimum
March-September200Lake 4 North$175/hour
3 hour minimum
  • Event deposits are required.
  • Groups of 300 or more must reserve all of Lake 1 (Areas A-D,
    Gazebo 1) or all of North Lake 5 (Areas Q-V, Gazebo 3), plus
    applicable fees and restrictions.
  • Payments and deposits are due at the time of reservation.
  • Areas are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Reservations can be made one year in advance.
  • Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. The exception
    is rain as determined by Park Staff on the day of the event.
  • Visitors shall not be permitted on Park premises while
    intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Park hours vary and are posted at the front gate.
  • All visitors entering the Park in a vehicle must pay the day-use
    parking fee.
  • Visitors must abide by all Park Rules and Regulations.

Note: Amplifying sound equipment can only be used in reserved areas with prior approval from the District. The noise level of any amplified sound shall not cause unreasonable discomfort or annoyance to other Park visitors, or to any person within hearing range outside of the Park. At no time shall the ambient noise level exceed fifty (50) decibels at a distance of fifty (50) feet from the source unless approved by the District.