There are 7 playgrounds to choose from, including a Sprayground!

  • Boulder Adventure Course is located on an island in Lake 5 connected by a bridge.
  • The *Sprayground is at Lake 1 for those hot summer days.
  • You will find the Tot Lot near the General Store for those small explorers.
  • The Mega Tower is at Lake 1 for the more adventurous.
  • There is a great playground located at the north end of Lake 5.
  • The Campground Playground is located directly across from the Clubhouse.
  • Kiwanis Club playground for children with disabilities is between Lakes 3 and 4 and is covered with a shade structure, thanks to The American Melanoma Foundation and Santee Santas.

You can find important information about protecting yourself from the sun and a fun kid friendly game at the following links:

FAQs About Sun Safety        Action Steps For Sun Protection       Gigi’s Sun Care Games for Kids

*The Sprayground is open 11:00AM-4:00PM on days it is 70 degrees and above, and is $2 on weekdays and $3 on weekends for a wristband to play the entire day.  Please wear sun protection at all times.  Swim footwear is recommended.  Please take a look at the Sprayground Rules.

For great sun protection information visit The American Melanoma Foundation, the Academy of Dermatology  or the World Health Organization.