About Us


Padre Dam Municipal Water District built Santee Lakes to demonstrate the promise of water recycling.

Should a water and wastewater agency be in the recreation business? Let’s ask that question a different way. Is it important to show cities and communities worldwide how to:

Turn wastewater into recreation?

Reduce their wastewater stream and processing costs?

Increase their local water supply, and do it all profitably, with no burden on property taxes or ratepayers?

Urban planners, architects and government officials from around the world tour Santee Lakes on a regular basis.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve enhances our community through the delivery of exceptional recreation opportunities, the restoration and protection of environmental assets, and the re-investment in our Park and Campground for the benefit of people.

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve achieves its purpose by:

Supporting the vision and mission of the Padre Dam Municipal Water District.

Focusing on the 3 R’s: Recreation, Restoration, and Re-investment.

Delivering exceptional customer service.

Maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Training our employees and volunteers to perform at their best.

Incorporating technologies that promote best practices in our business.

Practicing our core values: Trust, Integrity, Competence, Accountability, & Service.

Resolving problems and issues before they become customer concerns.

Working together as a team, regardless of our position, to achieve our purpose.

Recognizing our teamwork and celebrating our successes.