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December 2020

December 2nd means there are only 29 days left in 2020!  Did this year of choas go by quickly for you and your family, or has it slowly crawled by?  Either way, we hope it brought some good memories along with those you would rather forget. The importance of spending time outdoors has come to [...]

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November 2020

November brings us closer to the end of 2020! This is the best news I've heard all year.  Amidst the choas, we hope you have been able to enjoy this cooler weather and find many things to be thankful for. ******** ******** Reservations are open for April 2021 You can book your spot online! ******** [...]

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September 2020

September is already here and it seems a bit strange to still be waiting for our lives to return to normal, but hopefully throughout this extraordinary year, there have been some bright spots.  Perhaps spending time with family, getting some home improvements completed, or maybe reading that book you were never able to, have made [...]

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August 2020

A FAMILY CAMPING STORY "Mom! Grandma said we're going camping at Santee Lakes in July!"        I smiled knowingly at my seven year old son. This would be his fourth summer camping at the lakes, and he could hardly contain his excitement of returning for another camping trip. "Thanks Mom," I thought to myself. It was [...]

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June brings SUMMER!

Santee Lakes stands with those who advocate for equality, diversity and human dignity. We condemn racism, discrimination and violence in all its forms.   With June comes summer and all of the things we think about with the warmer weather! We have enjoyed seeing guests and campers recreating in the Day Use Park and enjoying [...]

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MAY is here!

Here we are in May.  April seemed to drag on for an eternity, or maybe that was just me? May seems to bring with it a bit more normalcy and hope. All around the nation, things are starting to look like they will either open, stay closed for a bit longer or open with some [...]

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A different kind of April.

We have learned to survive this new normal, or at least endure it.  Our thoughts are with those that are ill, lost loved ones, as well as with those battling on the front lines to fight this invisible threat, COVID-19.  We are all doing our part by staying inside to protect ourselves and others, catch [...]

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March On!

No March Madness here! March is off to a great start with some enjoyable winter weather here in SoCal! We have a special 1st annual event coming up!  Join us! Swimbait Invasion Expo March 7, 2020 11:00 AM-4:00 PM                   Swimbait Invasion Expo is happening next weekend! [...]

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Already February!

February sure came quick! We are full speed into the new decade! Our campground is bustling with activity as campers are enjoying some warmer weather, as well as some well-stocked lakes for trout fishing! Family fishing from the shore at a Cabin site!   Grab your bike! Plenty of places to ride [...]

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Happy New Decade!

Goodbye 2019, welcome to a new decade! UPCOMING EVENTS: Check out our 2020 Events! Follow us on Facebook for details on all of our events! Trout Re-Opener January 11 & 12, 2020 On January 7, we will be stocking 3,000 lbs. of trout including Rainbow & Lightning!  There will be tagged fish for prizes and the top [...]

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